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PRE-SCHOOL, CHILDREN and STUDENT classes are also available.



20 and up



30 - 40's


50 - 60's




40 - 60's


60 - 70's




70 - 80's



* Ladies class

** Mens class



Class Names


  • College & Career

  • Young Adults


  • Starting Years


  • Seekers

  • Praise

  • Praise Too


  • Esther & Ruth*


  • Bible Book

  • Harvesters

  • Men's Bible **


  • Friendship


Sunday School


We believe church ought to be a place where no one stands alone.

All of us are wired with certain needs that can be met only through relationships with other people. And that is why connecting you with others is one of the ultimate purposes of our Sunday School.

In addition, our groups provide settings for spiritual growth and development. Through the Bible study, discussion and encouragement that our groups provide, you will find the friends and tools to stay on course with Christ.

We have a Sunday School class for you, regardless of marital status or age; regardless of whether you are just beginning to explore Christ's claims or have been a Christ-follower for a long time. We can help you find the right group.


Join us at 9:00 am Sunday morning. 


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