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Our Mission Statement is based on the

Great Commission and the Great Commandment

It is summarized in three words: 

Love, Connect and Go.

All of our ministries are committed to helping people take the "Next Step" in their relationship with the Lord. We all have a next step that we need to take.  We have a next step in Loving, in Connecting and in Going.  For some, their next step is to meet Jesus and experience God's salvation.  For others, their next step is to commit to reading the Word of God daily. 


We encourage people to continually learn and grow, and we provide training to assist them in their efforts.   We are a church where every member is actively ministering, using the  spiritual gifts God has entrusted to each of us.  We believe God loved each of us where we were, but He has called us to a higher level of living.

We look forward to the opportunity to meet you and help you discover your "Next Step".   

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